Baby Jane Altared Images from Haunted Memories
Baby Jane Altared Images from Haunted MemoriesAlter-ed Images from Haunted Memoires

Baby Jane Haunted Memories Hologram


If she were still alive, Bette Davis would know better than to taunt this Baby Jane Haunted Memories Hologram.

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“Changing portraits” have been around for decades, but the first time this technology was applied to scary images was when Disney sold little 4×6 versions of their Haunted Mansion portraits in 1999. Software for the home user became available in the late 1990’s and shortly thereafter Edward Allen started producing scary images under the Haunted Memories banner. The Haunted Memories Gallery portraits change based on your perspective – if you stand still they do not change at all, but when you walk past them in either direction you will see them transform into hideous creatures of the night or macabre apparitions! A truly amazing effect that must be seen in person for the full impact because photos just don’t do them justice. No batteries, no electricity and no special lighting required. Just simply a-mazing! Baby Jane Haunted Memories Hologram

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Made in America


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Frame Size: 9″ x 11″ , Image Size: 5″ x 7″


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