Good Witch Gabriella
Good Witch GabriellaWitch Way

Good Witch Gabriella

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Handcrafted by California artist Linda Romero, this one-of-a-kind piece will set the stage for entertaining throughout the Halloween Season.  Her face and hands are sculpted by hand using a papier mache and resin composite and then hand painted right down to her shiny black nail polish, rose bud cheeks and devilish grin.  Dressed in layers of velvet, lace, taffeta and sequins, Gabriella wears a veiled fascinator positioned “just so” over her black feather tresses.  And don’t you just love her spider web stockings and pointy-toed witch shoes!  Posable arms makes it easy for Gabriella to graciously hold court on a table in your entryway or on the sideboard in a great room.  What a wickedly good welcome for your guests!

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