Hubert Ghost by Joe Spencer
Ghostly Gathering by Joe Spencer

Hubert Ghost by Joe Spencer


Hubert Ghost by Joe Spencer is a whimsical interpretation of an otherworldly identity. Hubert’s plush body is wrapped mummy-style with shredding gauze that just drips from every limb and his hand-painted expression of surprise lights up his saucer-sized eyes. Will float with the best of your deliriums or settle nicely onto terra firma if you prefer.

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Art comes alive in the capable hands of American Artist Joe Spencer. Best known for his beautifully crafted emotive plush figures, Joe Spencer somehow manages to put distinct faces onto all his characters while staying true the holiday he is representing. As an artist, Spencer believes in keeping the authenticity of his designs very personal, making each piece look as if it were actually handcrafted by him. Every character has a unique personality and Spencer’s attention to detail makes the reproduction art look as if it were made just for you. Whimsical pieces lovingly re-created at the artist’s direction to maintain the same integrity and handcrafted appeal of Joe Spencer’s original works of art. Joe Spencer is one of America’s most creative designers – his small designs are very special, but the larger dolls are simply spectacular!  Hubert Ghost by Joe Spencer.

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16″ High


Painted Fabric and Decorative Trim


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