Ouija Board by Christopher James
Collage Art Ouija Board Skull Scene by Christopher Jamesprotfolio_PAIN-IN-BUTT

Ouija Board by Christopher James


A Ouija Board draped with lace curtains serves a back-drop for the black glittered candelabrum and a framed portrait of one who has passed to the other side. A light bulb behind the portrait and another in the skull head cast unnerving shadows on this collection of curiosities. Ouija Board by Christopher James is signed and dated by the artist and would easily turn your mantel into a Fright Night focal point.

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Product Description

Christopher James is an award winning floral designer, self-taught artist, author and creator of his own television show, Just Imagine with Christopher James. He has a passion for life and everything he does. His inspiration is derived from the warmth of his childhood memories, family gatherings, the celebration of his October birthday and a vivid imagination to make it all come to life. Christopher’s life-long passion for holiday traditions has taken him into the world of retail and for over thirty years he just created one-of-a-kind pieces. Now he shares his traditions with you. Christopher James lives in Florida with his wife and son.  Ouija Board by Christopher James

Additional Information

New for 2014


Made in America


Hand Crafted



Signed by the Artist

Product Size

15.5″ W x 16 ” H x 8″ D


Paper Mache, Fabric, Wire and Wood

120 Volt AC

C-7 Bulb Included, Yes


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