Reindeer Feed Santa by David Everett
Reindeer Feed Santa by David EverettReindeer Feed Santa by David EverettReindeer Feed Santa by David EverettOn Dasher and Dancer and …

Reindeer Feed Santa by David Everett


A gnome-shaped Santa sporting a white beard and handle-bar mustache, a pot-bellied physique bundled up in a red hat and suit, coal-black boots and hands covered with a pair of “keep me warm” mittens so he can hold the feed bucket — exactly who else would be feeding David Everett’s reindeer herd?!

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Reindeer Feed Santa is another unique and yet ever so slightly twisted creation from American Folk Artist David Everett.  Inspired by vintage toys and traditional folk art images from the past, his extremely clever interpretation of Christmas icons such as Santa and his eight Reindeer allows for endless possibilities when creating amusing and sophisticated displays! A Southern California native, Everett works primarily in the clay medium, sculpting each and every piece by hand (no molds are ever used).  Originally schooled as a Graphic Designer, Everett says “as long as I can remember, I always had to have my hands in something – whether it was “Play-Doh” or finger paints.  Over the years I’ve worked in many different mediums, including watercolors, acrylics, quilt making and soft sculpture.  It wasn’t until I started working in papier-mâché that I really felt “at home!”   Reindeer Feed Santa by David Everett  

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Paper, Pulp, Plaster


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