This collage-art inspired Halloween Shadowland totem is constructed from oddity pieces, both vintage and new.

  • Shadowland begins with a 1950’s era metal lamp base,
  • Then a 5 Pound Vintage Tin of Johnson’s Hard Candies,
  • Two vintage noise makers have been added to the Johnson’s Tin,
  • Every creation needs a BGC (Black Glittered Cat) and a Grinning Pumpkin – both reproductions – topped with a vintage coffee can lid,
  • To add height, 1960’s orange plastic lamp spacers and a collared Jack-O-Lantern were added leading up to
  • The creepy vintage composite Doll Head with working eyes.
  • Finally, the candle holder is made from a vegetable can that someone with way too much time on their hands carved into a curled design,
  • And finally, a Burnt Orange candle tops it all off.

Use this piece to greet your Halloween party guests or as a centerpiece on your server.

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Product Description

EXCLUSIVE WEB SITE PREVIEW —Many people have told us how much they miss the seasonal shopping experiences we designed for our store for every holiday, and try as we might, creating that same kind of shopping experience in an on-line environment is just not possible. Inspired by our passion for all things Halloween we spent the better part of the summer designing and creating 22 one-of-a-kind Halloween treasures that embody the Halloween WOW! factor you loved at Fancy That! Large or small, each and every one of these pieces will set the stage for a magical Halloween in your home.  ENJOY!  Shadowland

Additional Information

Designed and Assembled in the USA


Made in America


One Of A Kind


Product Size

40″ Tall | 16″ Diameter


Vintage Tin Cans | Composite Doll Head | Lamp Base | Plaster


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