Black Twig Tree


This is, hands down, our favorite classic, bare-branched Halloween tree. This Black Twig Tree makes awesome shadows (a hard to find but extremely important feature), the branches are sturdy enough to hold ornaments without buckling under their weight – even the larger/heavier ones! – and the small bumps/knots on the bare branches really help with spacing.  Easy-peasy 3-D assembly with manufacturer’s instructions but you can also switch it up and create your own look – like a flat-in-the-back tree for positioning against a wall to save space, or the more-branches-on-one-side assembly for that “swaying in the wind” look. And, believe it or not, even with standing an impressive 32 inches tall, the Black Twig Tree breaks down to fit into a 6 x 9 x 16 inch box for storage – that’s smaller than a shoe box for boots! We love this tree!

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Black Twig Tree

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