The process of having a two-dimensional changing image is known as Lenticular Photography. We have taken an image titled “Rude Awakening”, placed it in a shadow box along with various vintage artifacts to create this one-of-a-kind wall hanging or tabletop piece. The attached story may, or may not, be true.

Award Winning Artiste Photographer David Rees didn’t know Charlotte or her daughter, Grace Killigrew, before that fateful day in October of 1873 when they entered his studio – without an appointment – and requested a Mother-Daughter portrait sitting.

We will never know exactly what happened to Mr. Rees, but we do know that London Constables responding to a call for help found this double exposed negative in Mr. Rees’ bellows camera.

To this day, the occupants of 298 Clapham Road in London, England claim they hear excruciating screams coming from the ground floor studio every day at 10:31 am.

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EXCLUSIVE WEB SITE PREVIEW — Many people have told us how much they miss the seasonal shopping experiences we designed for our store for every holiday, and try as we might, creating that same kind of shopping experience in an on-line environment is just not possible. Inspired by our passion for all things Halloween we spent the better part of the summer designing and creating 22 one-of-a-kind Halloween treasures that embody the Halloween WOW! factor you loved at Fancy That! Large or small, each and every one of these pieces will set the stage for a magical Halloween in your home. ENJOY!  Otherworldly

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