Skeletons In My Yard Department 56 Halloween Diorama


The Skeletons in My Yard Department 56 Halloween Diorama pays homage to hoarders.  Now there are hoarders and then there are hoarders on a mission. In this case the fixation is on skeletons! You’ll find them swinging in the trees, built into the fence, hanging out in the yard and of course driving the family car.  This table top creation features over 20 pieces from Department 56’s Halloween Village. It is built on a picture frame as one unified table-top element and plugs into wall current to bring it to life.

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EXCLUSIVE WEB SITE PREVIEW —Many people have told us how much they miss the seasonal shopping experiences we designed for our store for every holiday, and try as we might, creating that same kind of shopping experience in an on-line environment is just not possible. Inspired by our passion for all things Halloween we spent the better part of the summer designing and creating 22 one-of-a-kind Halloween treasures that embody the Halloween WOW! factor you loved at Fancy That! Large or small, each and every one of these pieces will set the stage for a magical Halloween in your home.  ENJOY!  Skeletons In My Yard Department 56 Halloween Diorama

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Designed and Assembled in the USA


One Of A Kind

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New for 2015


120 Volt AC


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