Wolfie Williams by Lori Mitchell


Do I really look like I could scare Little Red Riding Hood?  Really?


… New for 2013!

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Wolfie Williams is an imaginary resident of the Trick or Treater’s Fantasy World created by American Folk Artist Lori Mitchell.  Imbued with a nostalgic quality that reminds collectors of old toys and past trick-or-treating nights, each papier-mâché statue tells a story. With a little imagination, you can arrange any number of her characters to tell an epic tale of your own Trick-or-Treating adventures. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Ms. Mitchell found her inspiration in the bulbous-bodied, slim legged look of Film-Maker Tim Burton’s animated characters. East Coast based, Ms. Mitchell began sculpting her characters in 1998 and has never looked back. “As a kid, I found everything exciting and surprising, so I like for these figures to unlock that sense of wonder.  My intention is to entertain adults as well as children, so there’s got to be a certain level of sophistication to pull adults back into childhood.” Wolfie Williams by Lori Mitchell

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