SootSoot Cat by Deborah Graham
Trick or Treat, Spooky and Boo!…

Soot Cat by Deborah Graham


Soot Cat by Deborah Graham is the purrrfect Halloween cat. Standing a life-like 14 inches tall the midnight black feline has piercing yellow gold eyes, a glittered orange and black belled collar and cradles a faux yarn ball in her front paws. No cat food or litter box needed, so what’s not to love?

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American Folk Artist Deborah Graham works from her home in the “Magic City,” Birmingham, Alabama.  She inherited her creativity from her mother, but her inspirations are derived from a combination of her love for primitive antiques, animals and Santa.  While her original works are found in many private collections, Deborah is honored whenever people choose to place one of her creations in their home.  Deborah Graham also designs a collection of animal and Santa figurines specifically for licensed reproduction by an Ohio based company dedicated to celebrating the works of American Folk Artists. Soot Cat by Deborah Graham

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14″ Long x 14″ High


Paper, Pulp, Plaster


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