Teddys Valentine Candy by Vickie Smyers


Teddy’s Valentine Candy by Vickie Smyers for Bethany Lowe Designs is part of Vickie Smyers’ collection of vintage style teddy bears and adorable old fashioned rabbits.  Great details and tiny accents like baskets and boxes of goodies are Vickie’s design signature and make this a eye-catching collection to display.  Teddy’s sweet face and many design details speak to the heart of this Valentine’s Day presentation.  Plan to add to your collection year round with Vickie’s Easter, July 4th, Halloween and Christmas collectible bears and rabbits.

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Vickie Smyers, the designer of Teddy’s Valentine Candy,  is a self-taught artist with a deep passion for old toys and old holiday pieces.  Growing up in Frankfurt, Ohio in an area originally known as Old Town, Vickie was always fascinated by old things – old houses, old furniture and old toys.  She remembers some of the first old Santa figures she ever saw and feeling the strong connection they brought between the present and so many long-ago Christmases.  Although she loved those old holiday gents, she really couldn’t afford them.  Somewhere, in her later travels as a young woman, she picked up a magazine and read an article about sculpted German reproduction Santas.  Buoyed by this discovery she decided to try her hand at sculpting and make just one Santa.  The rest is history; that was over 20 years ago, and there is always just one more Santa to be made!  Along the way, vintage Halloween became another interest and passion and has become yet another way to express her creativity. Teddys Valentine Candy by Vickie Smyers

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